Windows 7 Release Date

Microsoft just a few minutes ago announced that Windows 7 will it store shelves on October 22, 2009. The RTM will occur during the second half of July. Also, a Windows 7 update program that will be available for some new PCs will be beginning shortly.

After all of the false-alarms (I recently even saw a magazine say that it would be released on June 3), the count-down will finally begin. But will you see me first in line come October 22? Nope.

After the whole Vista experience, I think I’m going to sit tight for at least a few patches. I know the Beta and the RC look promising. I know that I’m excited about it. But I actually use my computer, and I don’t want to experience any avoidable problems. Vista works for me (I found that if you feed it enough RAM, it’s happy enough), and I’m happy to stick with it for a little longer. That, and I don’t really feel like coughing up whatever it will cost (I’ve heard some pretty high numbers, but I haven’t verified any of them). Talk to me in October and maybe I’ll have changed my mind, however.


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