Google Wave – A New Generation In Cloud Computing

Google today released information about their newest product. To be released later this year, Google Wave has the potential to truly revolutionize cloud computing. In the keynote from today’s I/O conference, some of the Google team did a demo on what might be the most significant piece of technology released this year.

Unlike normal internet applications like email, photos, and documents, Google Wave is in real-time. It is a fully collaborative system. Instead of the standard “threads” or individual emails, conversations are organized as “Waves”, which can be thought of as living conversations. It works similar to Email and IM, except that typing is in real-time (optionally), cutting down the time it takes to process the other users information. Also, you can insert a response to an entry at any point, making responding to an earlier message a snap. With email, you would have to go and dig up the email within the thread and edit it all out. With Google Wave, you can add it at any point in time.

Wave is multi-user, so you can add anyone to a “Wave”. The neat thing is that you can specify access settings to each individual message in a “Wave.” So if you have 3 of your buddies talking about something and you want to give a brief aside to one of them, you have that option.

Other features include maps, blogs, pictures (including drag and drop from desktop, provided you have Google Gears installed), and a full API, allowing you to write your own apps for it.

Google Wave is opensource, making development for it easier.

I will be posting more information on Google Wave as the project becomes more developed.

You can view the Google Wave home page, with the keynote from Google’s I/O conference, here: From this page you will be able to link to some of the preview pages.


2 Responses to Google Wave – A New Generation In Cloud Computing

  1. Karol Sójko says:

    I especially like the part where they inserted replies in the email body without editing it by hand and the upload and sharing of photos 😉

  2. Bill Smith says:

    Oh great. Another way for people to endlessly waste their time with “social networking” on the internet. Keep working on adding those buddies. Your ego will thank you for it.

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