Mac Shortcuts that will Speed You Up


So we showed you how to enhance your workflow in Windows by 22 useful shortcuts. Today, we’ll look at Mac shortcuts that can accelerate your work.

General Shortcuts

Cmd (the -key)+C Copy
Cmd+V Paste
Cmd+X Cut
Cmd+L Go to address bar (in web browsers)
Cmd+T Open new Tab
Cmd+P Print
Cmd+S Save

Finder Shortcuts

Cmd+] or [ Go back and forth within a Finder window
Cmd+Delete Move file or folder into trash. (Select multiple files to send them all to trash)
Cmd+Shift+Del Empty Trash
Cmd Click Select multiple files not adjacent to each other
Shift Click Select multiple files adjacent to each other
Cmd+I Show info (add option to show one-windowed inspector)
Cmd+F Search
Tap Space-bar Preview file in Quickview
Cmd+O Open file/window
Cmd+Opt+O Open file/window while closing former window
Cmd+W Close window/file
Cmd+Option+W Close all open windows
Cmd+A Select all
Cmd+N New Window
Cmd+Opt+N New folder
Cmd+D Copy (Duplicate) file(s) or folder(s)
Cmd+L Create alias (Shortcut)

Applications and Windows

Cmd+Q Quit Application
Cmd+H Hide current application
Cmd+Opt+H Hide all other windows/applications (other than current)
Cmd+Tab Allows you to switch between open applications.
This key, also known as the tilde-key located to the left of the ‘1’ key, lets you within the application you are currently working in.switch between open windows
Shows all windows open (using Exposé)
Displays all open windows within your current application (similar to #2)
Shows Desktop
Shows Spaces
Command+Click Window When you hold down command, you can move windows in the background (windows not in focus). This is an extremely useful shortcut that allows you to move windows (say a youtube video) in the background without switching out of your current window.

Taking Screenshots

Cmd+Shift+3 Take screenshot of entire screen
Cmd+Shift+4 Take screenshot of certain area of the screen (If you press the space-bar at this stage, you can select which specific window to take a screenshot of.
Hold control with either of the two combination and you can copy it to your clipboard instead of making a file.

Power Options

Ctrl+Shift+Eject Turn display off
Ctrl+Eject Show Shutdown/Restart/Sleep dialog box
Cmd+Opt+Eject Put computer to sleep with no warning
Cmd+Ctrl+Opt+Eject Shutdown computer with no warning

—Ray S.

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  1. That was really helpful Ray! Thank you!

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