Microsoft To Release New Search Engine

Soon, Microsoft will be releasing their new search engine, Kumo. This will be replacing Windows Live Search. Many of the features that it will contain are similar to other search engines. cnet has posted screenshots, that you might be interested in.

As I look at all of the search engines going around these days, I can’t help but laughing. It’s almost like the browser wars of the late 90’s and early 2000’s. This time, though, there are many more players. You have the leader, Google, then you have Yahoo!, Alta-Vista, Live (soon to be Kumo), Ask, Dogpile, as well as many others. Google is almost like the Microsoft of the internet. It is one of the largest internet companies, has lots of cash, and is bundling everything together. The other companies, while many of them are huge, don’t have the same internet presence as Google.

With the internet becoming more and more the primary computing platform, it will be interesting to see if we end up with one company monopolizing the whole thing, or whether we end up with a bunch of different companies sharing the market.

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