Security Freak Test

While security is important, sometimes it’s hilarious to look at how far some geeks go. I put together the following test which checks to see whether you are a security freak. Please note that many of the things on this list are good, and I am not trying to get anyone to stop doing any of these things.

Answer the following questions. I explain how to score it at the bottom:

Do you change your passwords at least once a month (not counting the ones that force you to)?

Do you use a different random string for every password?

Do hacking books get your adrenaline going?

Have you ever posted an exploit to a forum?

Do you have a preference in operating system when it comes to hacking (i.e. offensive security)?

Do you know what at least three of the following four phrases mean: Buffer Overflow, SQL Injection, Packet Sniffing, Rootkit

Do you have at least two versions of Linux and have nmap on at least one of them?

Do you take pride in your ability to recite what an insanely high number of TCP/UDP ports’ function is?

Do you know how hashing works?

Do you routinely go through your system processes to be sure nothing fishy is going on?

Have you ever manually removed a virus?

If you checked more than 7 boxes, you are officially a security freak. Go celebrate by cleaning up your registry.


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