China Gets 3G, and Maybe Soon the iPhone

Yesterday, May 17, 2009, China Unicom launched a 3G network to Chinese consumers. It was released in 55 cities, with plans to expand to 284 cities by the end of September. Although there was much speculation that the iPhone would be released as well yesterday, it does not appear that it was among the twenty 3G enabled phones were released.

Apparently, Apple’s negotiations with China Unicom have been difficult, as the communist Chinese government prevents wi-fi enabled phones. There is a possibility that they will make an exception, however.

This is a prime example of what happens when you have a nation that is run under communism/socialism/fascism. Economic success is sacrificed to the god of governmental control. They exchange the blessings that come with a free, Christian-based nation with a lie. You have unbridled tyranny.

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