22 Windows Hotkeys That Will Speed You Up

Anyone who’s used a computer knows that there are many mundane tasks that you have to perform to simply use your computer. Clicking on icons, opening folders, searching for files, even selecting the URL bar to browse to a website. There is much that you have to do to get to what you want, like Email, Microsoft Word, or Tony’s Geek Tips.

Hotkeys are an easy way to speed up the amount of time it takes to get things done. Here is a list of 22 of my favorites:

  1. Win+E – Opens up Windows Explorer.
  2. Win – Displays the start menu.
  3. Win+1, Win+2, etc – Opens up the application in the quick launch bar that is in that position (e.g. if Internet Explorer is at the far left of the quick launch bar, Win+1 will open it up.).
  4. Win+R – Opens up “run”.
  5. Ctrl+M – Minizmizes all windows, giving you quick access to your desktop.
  6. Ctrl+Z – Undo, my best friend.
  7. Ctrl+T – Opens up a new tab in some programs, such as browsers.
  8. Ctrl+F – Opens up some form of a search box in many programs.
  9. Ctrl+C – Copies selected item.
  10. Ctrl+V – Paste
  11. Ctrl+X – Cut
  12. Ctrl+S – Save
  13. Ctrl+Shift+Esc (or Ctrl+Alt+Del) – Opens up task manager.
  14. Alt+Tab (Win+Tab for Windows Aero on supported systems) – Allows you to easily switch between applications.
  15. Ctrl+Tab – Switches tabs in many applications, such as web browsers.
  16. Alt+F4 – Ends an application. I use this one all the time, even when the application hasn’t locked up, as it’s much faster than clicking on the little, tiny “X” in the upper right corner.
  17. F1 – Opens up help in many applications.
  18. F2 – Rename item that is selected.
  19. F6 – Put the focus on the URL bar in browsers, so you can type in the web address.
  20. F7 – Creates a new folder.
  21. Win+L – Switch users, or lock computer. This takes you back to the login screen.
  22. Printscreen – Copies the current screen to your clipboard.

It doesn’t take long to learn keyboard shortcuts, and once you do, the time savings can be huge.

If you have any other shortcut keys that you use, feel free to share them in the comments.

One Response to 22 Windows Hotkeys That Will Speed You Up

  1. Ryan Weaver says:

    win+d also switches to the desktop…

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