Gmail Goes Offline – And This Time It’s Not a Lab Feature

UPDATE: At ~10:15am MST, Google came back online.

When you offer “offline” mode for a service, that doesn’t mean you can take your servers offline.

It looks like Google is having some major issues today. It appears that for many, Gmail and several other Google services are either offline or sluggish. In the few minutes that Gmail has been down, I have confirmed that myself and several others from across North America are unable to access their accounts. Even POP and IMAP are down. One buddy of mine in Japan is able to access his account, though, so I think it may be only certain servers that are down.

I’ll be posting more info as it becomes available.

I love Gmail, I really do. But if they cannot keep their servers online, I may have to whine. That’s as far as I’ll go for now.

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