Safari 4 Public Beta Comprehensive Review

So here’s the promised low-down on Safari 4 Public Beta.  We’ll go over the good first, then the not so good, then the features it lacks.

The Good:

Faster engine… based on a newer webkit engine, this thing is screaming fast.

Top Pages:  Based on your history, it detects your most visited sites and displays up to 12 of them in every new tab.

Fonts/CSS:  You can define CSS and Fonts for web pages, to a certain extent.

Integration with iPhoto is getting there, but still a little iffy.

The Bad:

Keep in mind this is a beta, so things may change.

Safari still lacks my most used feature of Firefox, hit Ctrl+L and type and it’ll either bring up a Google search, or if what you are searching for has an exact page, it’ll take you there.  Safari takes whatever you typed and translates it into  That bugs me to no end.  You actually have to hit tab after you hit Cmd+L and then Tab… way too much work for my fingers. 😛  Actually, it just drives me nuts because I got so use to FireFox… anyway, off that rant, on to the next.

Safari seems to be plagued with Adobe Flash errors now… when visiting a random site, it’ll throw you anywhere from 5-10 exceptions.  *Hint Hint Apple*

Safari also does not handle WordPress Admin pages well.  When trying to add a image, url, or any of the above, one has to hope that you hit save before you hit that button and then move to Firefox.  Imagine how annoying that was the first time I discovered that… on the Google Installer Virus Removal post… arghhh.

The Ugly:

Many people dislike the new tab interface, being on top of the address bar versus below it.  I am a fan of it, but this is one of the considerations to take when trying Safari.

The Features needed for me to use it over Firefox:

That annoying Cmd+L fix.

A few extensions/plugins.  One of which would be being able to permanently keep some sites in Top Sites.

To Summarize:  For now I keep Firefox and Safari right there on my dock, and I fire up Firefox for my Flash and WordPress doings, and Safari for my speed browsing.

Hope this helps.. will post a review on the final Safari 4 when it comes out.


3 Responses to Safari 4 Public Beta Comprehensive Review

  1. Jack says:

    I agree. After Firefox 3’s “awesome bar” (as the URL bar is affectionately called by many), I don’t know how I could switch.

    Just out of curiosity, does “F6” work to select the URL bar? That’s what I use in Firefox (I didn’t even know about Ctrl+l).

    So, would you say that Safari 4 is to Mac what IE8 is to Windows (and Safari 3 is equivalent to IE7)? I’ve never used Mac, so it will be interesting to hear what you have to say.

  2. Tony says:

    No, I would not equate them… mostly because of the security issues in IE7. Safari 4 still has a slight edge over IE8 in my opinion.. You can download Safari for windoze, but it’s not quite the same.

  3. solcroft says:

    “That bugs me to no end. You actually have to hit tab after you hit Cmd+L and then Tab… way too much work for my fingers.”

    Just type Ctrl-E. Or whatever the equivalent for that is on a Mac, I’m assuming it’s Cmd-E (I’m using Safari on Windows).

    “A few extensions/plugins. One of which would be being able to permanently keep some sites in Top Sites.”

    Open Top Sites, click the Edit button on the lower left corner, and that gives you the ability to pin sites down and make them stay there.

    Just a note: I don’t know about Macs, but on Windows, Safari gets whupped by IE8. It just doesn’t feel like a native Windows app at all (too many broken shortcuts, RAM and CPU problems, etc).

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