Phrase of the Day

“OS X is a GUI Mess”

No offense to the Mac folks out there. I just thought that this was humorous…


5 Responses to Phrase of the Day

  1. Andrew says:

    My phrase of the day:
    “Windows is a GUI Mess”

  2. Highlander37 says:

    Pretty funny! Maybe it will be the start of a rap song!

  3. lol…I have to admit it’s funny! But….Andrew’s is more true.. 😛

  4. Ben says:

    Go Andrew!!!!! He would know, he has a Mac now.

    Lovely Post, Jack… just wait…. 😛

  5. Ray says:

    I don’t see why that’s all that funny. I’ve worked with OS X GUI, and I admit, 10.4 was a GUI mess. But 10.5 is one of the most consistent GUIs I have seen in any OS.

    Or is this reverse psychology? XP

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