Windows Internet Explorer 8 Released

I know it’s old news, but on March 19, Microsoft released IE8. This is definitely the best IE yet, which makes sense…You would think that the world leader in software would know how to stay in the technology realm that they themselves created. They have with IE8.

With new features, a smoother look, and general updates, I would recommend that you check it out. This is the replacement to IE7, so keep that in mind when updating.

I personally will not be getting it at this point in time, as I need to keep IE7 for my web and software development work. But if you are just an average user, I’d give it a shot.

Check it out at:

5 Responses to Windows Internet Explorer 8 Released

  1. Michael says:

    How could they possibly not make it better than IE7?

  2. Jack says:

    I don’t know. Remember, this is Microsoft we’re talking about…

  3. Highlander37 says:

    ……..since we are talking about *ahem* Microsoft, when, pray tell, should we expect the first big glitch? I say in 1 month from today.

  4. Tito says:

    25 days… at most. 🙂

  5. lol….I really don’t ever plan on trying it but version 8? hmmm….=) I’m stuck with Firefox!

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