Bye-bye Gun Rights

It’s not everyday that I post on politics, considering that this is a geek blog. Don’t worry, I’ll make sure that I talk tech at some point. :p

In brief, the bill that I’m writing about is H.R. 45, which will BAN firearms (i.e. rifles with a clip, and all handguns…so I guess potato guns are still okay) in America, unless you are registered, fingerprinted, supply a current driver’s license, your SSN, and agree to submit your physical and mental evaluation information, be 18 or older(I wonder how this will affect youth hunting and marksmanship training, here’s the wording: Someone applying for a license must produce “a certification by the applicant that the applicant will keep any firearm owned by the applicant safely stored and out of the possession of persons who have not attained 18 years of age” ), among other things. Violators will be subject to up to a year in prison, and lose the right to own a gun. You can read the full bill here (

Mr. Obama, and any congressmen who are reading this post (cricket, cricket), please refer to Amendment II, of the Constitution of the United States of America (which is available at any bookstore for your purchase, or, if you don’t want to spend the money, you can easily view it online at many different websites):

A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the People to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.

Hmmm, “shall not be infringed”…. I think that includes micro-management, and, well, infringement.

Now, at the time of this post, I do not believe that this has been passed yet, so I’m not going to implicate Mr. Obama in this unconstitutional and illegal matter. Now believe me, I’m no fan of President Obama, but I feel a duty to respect him with my mouth and my pen, even though I do not have a requirement to agree with hm.

I would question the idea of a large database of many people’s personal information. Especially because the people whose information it is just happens to be those who actually have some capability to defend themselves physically, and who also generally have a more conservative viewpoint). I know, you are calling me a conspiracy theorist now. I’m not saying that this is the case. I’m simply pointing out an interesting “coincidence”.

I would urge you to contact your congressman to protest this bill. Hurry, before they start ignoring the First Amendment as well.

7 Responses to Bye-bye Gun Rights

  1. Ryan Weaver says:

    From what I’ve heard this bill is probably not going to pass…let me explain…Nancy Pelosi remembers the last time they touched the 2nd amendment…the democrats lost both the Senate and the House after the bill passed…so I highly doubt it will pass or it will be really really changed by the time it gets to Obama’s desk.


  2. Ryan Weaver says:

    Also, if you visit any gun forums, the extreme “bitter” clinging that people have with their guns these days I wouldn’t be surprised if there is massive police leaving or firing because they refuse to walk into an old rednecks house…if I was a cop or part of the National Guard I would refuse to walk into someones house and ask for their guns.


  3. Wow… We will definitely be praying!

  4. Highlander37 says:

    I do not think it will all happen at once, but it will take a little bit of time……………first it will be full auto’s & .50 cal.s that will be banned, then it will go to “Assault” weapons (which would include a Bic pen if you think about it), then to the humble shotgun & finally it will all be illegal. But like I said it will not happen all at once, but slowly over time……….

  5. Tito says:

    Too bad this will probably affect youth hunting too.
    Guns won’t be illegal, at least from my understanding of the bill, but you will need to have them registered at the federal level, instead of just the state level.
    From my understanding, correct me if I’m wrong, no one under age 18 will be able to use a gun, including for hunting, if I’m reading this right. This will also include mandated registration of guns that are off the record. Though I agree with you Highlander37 that they will phase out the guns,(what did you mean by the Bic pens? are you talking making them in to high power potato cannons or what?) just like the incandescent light bulbs. (The Government sure likes to regulate everything don’t they?) Prayer is definitely a must, so squeeze in as many hours before the whole nation slides into the ocean. :p Reminds me of a song I like “So pray for America ’cause time is tickin'” We are running out of time for this nation. We need to repent of our sins and return to the rots our fore-fathers laid down in the Constitution, and yes Jack, we need to pray that we won’t start neglecting the first Amendment too.
    There’s my take on H.R. 45.
    Feel free to correct me if I’m wrong in my interpretation of this horrific bill.


  6. Highlander37 says:

    @ Tito
    What I meant when I said bic pens is that anything is & can be used as a weapon, so just because the government says that they will only ban assault weapons, does not mean that they will stop at rifles & automatic rifles, because anything can be used as an “assault weapon” even the humble pen….

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