Apple Releases Safari 4 Public Beta

Apple released their public beta today, which I was prompt to download.  In a word: AWESOME!  With 150 new features, I’ll highlight my favorites, and give you a link to the rest.

First, it has an automatic Fast Dial, similar to the Firefox extension, it takes the most visited pages and puts them in front of you on every new tab you open.  You can also customize it with the sites you want to have readily available.

Second, it has CSS 3 compatibility.  This means that web designers/developers aren’t limited to “Web Safe” fonts anymore, Safari detects fonts and downloads them automatically. (provided that they are free) Safari is the first to implement this, hopefully the other browsers are not behind.  Hint Hint, Mozilla.

Third, customizable CSS style sheets.  You can download or create style sheets and customize the text or font on your favorite Web site, making it easier for you to read.

Fourth, you can zoom just text, so that images don’t get bigger, but text becomes more readable.

It also features huge improvements as far as Mac integration goes.  You can save photos directly to iPhoto, Mail the contents of a page, all with a couple simple clicks.

These are just a few of the improvements, you can check them all out here.

Be sure to download it by clicking here, and clicking download.


4 Responses to Apple Releases Safari 4 Public Beta

  1. Ray says:

    Yes! CSS3 is finally rolling forward, with Firefox taking the lead. If only Internet Explorer would catch on. I researched IE8, and it’s another one of those web designer’s nightmare products. A huge improvement over IE6, but little over IE7. Down with IE!! >:-(

  2. Steve says:

    Does it work on the Itouch, and the Iphone?

  3. Tito says:

    iPod Touch people!

    @Ray-Yes Down With IE!!

  4. Tito says:

    I love the Safari 4b! It is fast, user-friendly, and best of all, it’s Apple!

    I also like the fav list when you open a new page.

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