Windows 7 Versions

Looking forward to Windows 7 yet? I am. For many reasons, and one more was just added.

Everyone knows how hard it is to choose which version of Vista to get. You have a ton of different options, and the “better” versions don’t always build on previous ones (e.g. Vista Business doesn’t have the Windows Media Center, but Home Premium does…weirdness), which creates a huge headache for both business and home user alike.

Enter Windows 7. With Windows 7, there are only two versions, Home Premium and Business. And, even better, they build upon one another. Its that simple. Sure, they will have other versions, like Ultimate, Starter, and Enterprise, but those are only for select markets (like business startups, or those who want it all). For the average user, all you have to do is pick from two options! Thank you Microsoft!

Another sweet feature is that there will be one cd for all versions of Windows (e.g. Home premium will have the same cd as Business), you get the features you’ve paid for. This makes upgrading easy and instant!

One Response to Windows 7 Versions

  1. Highlander37 says:

    That is great! I will seriously look at switching when it comes out. Thanks Jeff!

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