Some boredom and Physics (How to build a rubber band gun)

While working on Physics, I had to use a few rubber bands for an experiment. Falling into a state of mid-afternoon sleepy boredom, I decided to play around with the rubber bands. Paintball is extremely fun, BBs are great, and airsofts are averagely interesting. But wouldn’t a rubber band gun fit the indoor environment better? Yes, I was thinking about guns whilst working on Physics.

So … I came up with this contraption:

Chopsticks FTW

Chopsticks FTW

In order to make this, you will need two chopsticks (or if you do not have them, four long thin sticks.)


Break one pair of chopsticks in half so you have four 1/2 length pieces.
Break one of the 1/2 length pieces into two quarters. take one of the 1/4 pieces and create a 1/8 length piece. You won’t need the second 1/8th.

Shave the quarter piece at the top, at a 45° angle allowing for the trigger to easily release the rubber band. (pictured below)

Line up the different length pieces as shown in the image below, and finally tie it all together with rubber bands.



And that’s it. You can even tie the stick in the middle loosely, thus allowing for range adjustment. Finally, don’t go around shooting your family members inside the house, even though it might seem tempting. -Ray

4 Responses to Some boredom and Physics (How to build a rubber band gun)

  1. Jeff says:

    Impressive, Ray. We’ll have to duel sometime 🙂

    You’ll be teaching us how to build atomic bombs before we know it.

  2. Highlander37 says:

    With the mention of atomic bombs I think the government just visited here & ran back-round checks on everyone……Hi FBI!

  3. Wow..well, when you and Jeff have that fight? I’m going to be somewhere else.. 😛

  4. Ray says:

    ‘bes be somewhere else. Rubber bands are to be afeared.

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