Audio Hijack Pro/Making your MacBook Black or White’s volume louder

Mac Only: Many people with the White or Black MacBooks (not the UniBody MacBook, it’s been fixed on those) that the speaker volume is exceptionally low..  I myself had trouble with this, so I went looking for a solution.  Found:  Audio Hijack Pro.  Although Audio Hijack Pro is not free ($32 dollars for a single license) there are many useful features aside from making the volume on any application much louder.  For this example we’ll Hijack iTunes.

We’ll open Audio Hijack Pro, seeing this:

Audio Hijack - Rogue Amoeba

Audio Hijack - Rogue Amoeba

From here, we can select the source, select from a list of applications and sources, or add a new source.

There are also tabs:  Schedule, Recording, Tags, Effects.

We’re going to click on the effects tab.  We’ll be presented with this..

Audio Hijack - Rogue Amoeba

Audio Hijack - Effects Panel

Adjust the Gain Slider to the right all the way to Maximum.

Then insert the following effect by left-clicking in any of the effect boxes.

Adding the AUGraphicEQ

Adding the AUGraphicEQ

Once you’ve added those, you need to click on the dials and hold and drag upward until they are both at the max.

Then Click Hijack!  You may also want to install Instant Hijack, which enables Audio Hijack to hijack without having to relaunch the application.  You also may need to play with the “Wet/Dry Mix” dial.

When you’re done, your panel should look something like this:

Hijacked Volume Panel

Hijacked Volume Panel

You can also use Audio Hijack to record from other devices, such as stereo’s, useful for converting Tapes to MP3, among other things.  You can also record audio from any app… which can be illegal,(recording off YouTube, etc.) so don’t do it if you have doubts on the legality!

3 Responses to Audio Hijack Pro/Making your MacBook Black or White’s volume louder

  1. Ray says:

    Ooh cool! I’ve always wanted to know this. In iTunes I have been cranking up the EQ. 😛 The built-in speakers are quite terrible so I usually just use headphones. 🙂

  2. Neat-o!! I was just thinking about this.. Same problem Ray. 🙂

  3. except not on a Macbook 😛

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