Contacting Jeff and Tony

Howdy all,

We added this snazzy little Contact Us up there on the right.   If you have an idea or problem, or just want to say thanks,  feel free to drop us a note by hitting that link.



5 Responses to Contacting Jeff and Tony

  1. Sarah says:

    I clicked on it and NOTHING happened. I was so let down.

  2. Neat-o Jeff and Tony! Something like this?
    Contact Us
    …hmm…trying to put all I have been reading the right way. 😛

  3. aha.. It transferred to out of code… It works!

  4. Tony says:

    @Sarah, that’s because you don’t have a default mail application on your computer.. I’ll walk through a tool that makes Gmail your default mail application sometime in the near future.

  5. sarah m says:

    Cheers, it worked on the other computer (genius me for not trying before).

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