Website Poll

Remember, vote based on the site design, not which platform you prefer.

6 Responses to Website Poll

  1. Ray says:

    Apple is the clear winner here. Simple, easy accessibility, and the least clutter. And the reason is that their website targets consumers. Microsoft does so only partially, thus theirs is more of a functional website, not a visually appealing or well designed one. has not been updated since the middle ages.

  2. Highlander says:

    But keep in mind that Microsoft has a lot of software to present, unlike Apple, so they need a bigger site. Yes it may not be as user friendly as, but it is great if you know what you are looking for………….

  3. Jeff says:

    At least all respondents agree that looks like the designer made it when Lynx was brand new.

    To paraphrase a Microsoft VP: Apple’s primary market is entertainment, Microsoft’s is productivity.

    I’m not saying that both are limited to one target audience, but if you look at both companies, that’s what you see. The smooth graphics, heavy iPod emphasis, and the advertising strategy are designed around the consumer electronics industry. They do other things well (like graphics), too, but that is their primary audience.

    Microsoft has simple graphics (comparably), but they have primarily targeted the office user, programmer, and IT professional.

    Both companies have been successful (Apple almost drove themselves into the ground with all the proprietary everything), Apple is just taking off at a later date.

  4. Isabella09 says:

    Its been ages since I have been on here. I must say apple wins by a long shot.

  5. Tito says:

    So much coolerer site. Apple is better than MS in nearly every way!
    I can’t think of any, except of course for the price. :p

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