3 Responses to Vista UAC – Why Complain?

  1. Michael says:

    Hmmm. Seems like the author is a brother to the poor PC touted in the Mac ads. A sad soul wandering the wilderness of Microsoft. A poor chap devoid of hope in what he tries to believe in.

    And so, to try to cope, he sets off on a rant. “Why must these hordes of cool people bash Microsoft?” he says. And then in his own subtle way he compares them to those who bash the President. Then he complains about the lack of Apple bashing in this lovely world. HA HA (I would say ho ho, but I’m not Santa). HE HE. Get over it. There aren’t enough un-cool people left on this earth to make enough noise about Apple to be categorized as “Bashing.” So get over it.

    So here’s my advice. First, just don’t think about computers for a few days. Second, go grab a Mac (or an iPod), curl up on your fluffy couch, or big leather armchair, as the case may be, and experience the UI – the utter uber-coolness – the Macosity – in a word: Apple. From then on, gentle writer, you shall be forever changed. Forever cool. And you won’t have to rant like this any more.

    Oh, and don’t think this comes from some old Apple dude. I came from a family of proud PCs, and have only recently experienced the conversion to coolness – and it’s.. well… cool.

    • Jeff says:

      ROFL. I guess I was getting tired of Microsoft vs. Apple… You’ll notice that I didn’t bash Apple in the post….

      I’m going to be buying an Ipod Touch tomorrow. Then I will get to “experience” the UI, which from what I’ve seen, really impresses me. I don’t know if I’ll ever get used to Itunes, though…I like the simplicity of Windows Media Player…

      We’ll see, thanks for commenting

  2. oaqrv1fhvm says:

    You guys are writing some good stuff here.
    Most people are out of the realm with technology if they over a certain age.

    I like your posts alot as far as what they are geared to.
    Finally geeks and the technological impaired come together in a blog.

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