When you hear that word you most likely think of a group of young men with too much time on there hand doing evil laughs in some dark room.

In reality though, hacking can be a very honorable line of work. It comes down to a definition of terms. White hat hackers are hackers who are hired by companies or individuals to either test/improve the security of a certain system (usually a large web site or corporate network), or to attack a black hat hacker’s system, which may contain illegally obtained information (such as stolen customer information like credit card numbers). Hiring a white hat is an example of what is called offensive security.

A black hat hacker is one who uses his knowledge of hacking to compromise a system and steal information from it. What they do is illegal and is what gives the hacking community a bad name.

A grey hat hacker is one who we’re not entirely sure which side he’s on. He may sometimes do good, legal activities (such as report security issues on software), but sometimes does activities of…questionable integrity (like “testing” the security issue before announcing it, among many other things).

I hope this helps clear up ant confusion regarding the terms.

In upcoming posts, I will post various tips and tricks on computer security.

2 Responses to Hacking

  1. Tito says:

    So, Jeff are you White, Black, or Grey?


  2. I’m guessing white, Jeff?

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