Windows 7 Beta Finally Available!

At almost 24 hours late, Microsoft has finally released the Windows 7 Beta for download. You can get it here (

I decided to download it (10% and counting). We have an old computer I’m going to try it on, it only has 512 RAM, so we’ll see. Make sure you read all the little tidbits on their site before installing it, as I don’t want to be liable for you frying your Dad’s PC ;). It helps to have an old box to install it on, although I’m sure VirtualBox will work in a pinch (not as well, as you don’t have a “real” graphics card).

One more thing, be sure you have decent internet before getting it, don’t even go there with dial-up. The download is 2.4 GB. If its slow, its your problem, not Microsoft’s, considering I’m getting 180 kb/sec. If you want a copy, find someone with decent internet who will give you one. You will still need a product key, which you can get by going to the download page,  just don’t click on the download button (I think that will work with any ISO you get…).

I’ll post back with a review after trying it out, I think Tony is going to try it as well.


2 Responses to Windows 7 Beta Finally Available!

  1. haha.. See you made it to 94%.. It will be interesting…

  2. Tito says:

    Cool OS…
    Not as cool as OS X though, but honestly, is ANYTHING!!??


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