Why not IE?

Maybe now you’ll believe me…

IE Security Flaw

12 Responses to Why not IE?

  1. Ahhhh!! I’m glad I switched to Firefox….

  2. Tito says:



  3. Ray says:

    I hope this will get more people to switch to Firefox.

  4. Corey Cheney says:

    & once again a big flaw in a Microsoft product………. I wonder if more people will switch to Firefox, Safari, Etc. I sure hope so, they will save themselves A LOT of trouble!

  5. Jeff! Safari is garbage on Windows for sure but I have heard that it is really nice on Mac from quite a few people. But, of course, I haven’t used it on Mac so……… 😛

    • Jeff says:

      Sure, a Mac native browser will run better on Mac…Just like IE runs well on Windows (now, running secure, stable, etc., is another matter :p)

      Keep away from the communists, folks (which begs the question…who, Microsoft or Apple?) Maybe this will open discussion….

  6. Ray says:

    IE is Microsoft rubbish.
    Neither Safari nor IE can ever achieve the Open Source goodness of Firefox!
    However, Webkit is open source, and deserves some credibility, recently being favoured of Google of all companies.

    Communists? You mean like my unpleasant neighbours to my west? Microsoft and Apple both represent the antithesis of communism: capitalism and free enterprise.

  7. I agree with you Ray. Especially after this bug IE has, I am for Firefox and never going back. Now, the key is convincing everyone else in my family to use it. I haven’t tried Webkit but heard lots of good things about it. And also Ray – Microsoft and Apple do represent “the antithesis of communism” but at this point, I’m leaning more towards Apple.

  8. Highlander37 says:

    I am noting saying that safari is better than firefox, just safari is not the best, but it is much better than IE………………..sorry for opening that can of worms………………

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