Best OS?

I noticed this nifty little “poll” feature on WordPress, so I decided to give it a shot.

Now we will discover truth, because whatever the masses say is correct, right?…right?…ok, maybe not. But polls are fun anyway!

13 Responses to Best OS?

  1. RayS says:

    While this is quite relative to each user, comparing the features and abilities of the two major OSs, namely Mac OS X and Windows, I’ll vote for OS X Leopard. Windows XP has not been truly updated (except for Vista) for nearly seven years. And while it is a functionally good OS, the software is a bit too outdated to handle the multiple cores computers are equipped with these days. Try running a quad core on an XP… it just won’t handle correctly. Also, OS X is both 32-bit as well as 64-bit. While the majority of the programs run 32-bit, it’s possible to take advantage of the 64-bit processors. (yes 64-bit XP exists, but it is not in one OS as it is in OS X) As a designer, I also use OS X because of it’s design-standard anti-aliasing. If I’m doing any print work, correct rendering of fonts is necessary.

  2. Isabella08 says:

    6 votes for Mac OS X Leopard?

    Actually, not surprised… I still vote for Windows XP. 😛

  3. Interesting Ray… Thanks for sharing that!

    I like Mac a lot and have researched it quite a bit lately (I don’t know all about them though.. the exact GHz, etc..) but for right now, I will stay with PC (mainly until I get my bank account fuller.. Just kidding)

    The poll feature is really neat Jeff! (I used one for mine as well. :))

  4. Tony says:

    Oh my word… who are these people so disillusioned that Windows is best… poor people…

  5. Isabella08 says:

    I am not disillusioned I think Macs look really cool I have just never had the opportunity to touch one.
    So I voted for what I am used to.
    I am considering getting a mac though, once I can afford it of course.

  6. Rofl.. Sorry Izzie.. That is just hilarious: “I have just never had the opportunity to touch one” Agreed with your last sentence, same here.. 🙂

    And Tony, I am NOT disillusioned that Windows is the best…

  7. Isabella08 says:

    Well I am glad you find it funny. I have touched one but never used it.

  8. Matt says:

    I couldn’t decide between Mac or Linux but since I use Linux and I don’t have enough money for a Mac I voted Linux.

    I think that those who voted for Windows should know better even though they haven’t tried anything else…

  9. Wait, wait, wait.. I didn’t say I “voted” for the PC, it is just what I have right now already available. 🙂 And to tell you the truth, I voted for Mac OX Leopard. 😛

  10. Tony says:

    lol people… don’t take such offense… It was just a joke….

  11. No offense was taken…rofl… I wonder how can a computer site get someone laughing so hard…lol

  12. Tito says:

    I voted for Leopard… I think, actually the PollDaddy thingamabob already counted a vote for our IP address so I couldn’t vote but I definitely would’ve done Leopard hands-down.
    I feel sorry for you Izzie for never using a Mac before. Poor disillusioned Windows voters, I must say I feel sorry for them.


  13. I see Tito although I don’t think anyone voted for windows except Izzie right? Yes, all of our IP’s are counted too… 😛

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