10 Tools I use quasi-everyday (on my Mac)

1.  Mozilla Firefox – The Awesomest Browser, now Mac Native with Version 3.

2.  Dreamweaver CS3 – Website builder/html Editor (mentioned in HTML Tutorials)  CS4 is coming out soon, and I tried a pre-release, it’s awesome, so hang on if you’re looking at buying it.

3.  VMWare Fusion – For Virtualizing Operating Systems (OS) especially windows for running number 4.

4.  Visual Studio 2008 – Windows only programming software for the .Net Technology.  Grrrr….

5.  iTunes – iTunes, frankly, has a special place in my heart… 😛

6.  QuickSilver – Couldn’t forget this one.  This is an awesome program, for many things, searching, compressing, e-mailing, all in a few keystrokes.

7.  Pipette – The Mac Version of ColorPix. Download here: http://www.freemacware.com/pipette/

8. CopyPaste Pro – Great for my job, because it requires replacing and replacing, while not messing up.  Basically, this keeps about the last 20 clips you copied/cut and if you hold Command + V  it brings up a window with the past 20, allowing you to select from there.

9.  Mac Mail.  This is my version of Gmail, seeing as how the Web Interface of Gmail is not to my personal taste, and I like Mac Mail

10.  Photoshop CS3 – Again, CS4 coming soon.

Take Care…

25 Responses to 10 Tools I use quasi-everyday (on my Mac)

  1. iTunes is great… Never heard of CopyPaste Pro… I’m pretty much landlocked on the others, having a PC and all. 😛

  2. Ray says:

    For me it’s somewhat like this:

    1. Quicksilver
    2. Firefox 3
    3. Apple Mail (my 2nd biggest distraction)
    4. Microsoft Word 2008 (All my school pretty much happens here)
    5. iTunes (music to keep me going)
    6. Smultron (when I don’t feel like Dreamweaver)
    7. Filezilla or Cyberduck
    8. MAMP (ultimate convenience)
    9. TextEdit and Preview (for some reason they’re always open)
    10. Adobe Indesign CS3, Photoshop CS3. Illustrator CS3, Fireworks CS3 (they all kind of go together)

  3. For me, it goes as:
    1. Firefox 3
    2. iGoogle
    3. Microsoft Word (All my school as well Ray)
    4. iTunes (same here although some Windows Media on our main PC)
    5. Picasa3
    4. Notebook ++
    5. Trendy Site Builder (still checking this one out..I’m not totally convinced)
    6. FireShot
    7. Microsoft Excel (to make business spreadsheets)
    8. Paint.net & GIMP
    9. Gmail
    That is pretty much all for programs per say but for links and such… well, I would make it to like 5o!

  4. Michael says:

    Can you post a link to Pipette? Thanks!

  5. Tony says:

    There’s already a link in the post…. Thanks though Ray

  6. Matt says:

    Hey Tony. Nice list. Unfortunately I don’t have a Mac so the only app on that list that I use is Firefox. 🙂
    I noticed the free ipod link on your sidebar. Does it really work? Is it a scam? Is it hard to get? Please let me know. My sister bought a touch and it’s really nice. 🙂

  7. Tony says:

    Hey Matt,

    Yes, it’s fairly easy. Basically, you sign up and complete an offer. I did the $2 offer called eSuccess2U, then get people to do the same thing. It’s 5 Referrals for an 8gb, 6 referrals for a 16gb, and 8 referrals for a 32gb. I’ve been paying local people 5-10 bucks to sign up under me, and since I’m going for the 32, I’m paying $80 max for something that’s usually $400… not bad, I think. Most people are willing to get 8 bucks for 5 minutes of their time, even if they aren’t going to try to get one themselves. Just create a junk e-mail, (unless you have gmail) or you’ll get junk from them.

    Take Care,


  8. Tony says:

    Oh, and no, this isn’t a scam, this is part of a network of the top rated freebie sites.



  9. Hmm.. Interesting Ben. Dan Swanson was also trying to get this to work as well.. Let me know if you get it to work.

  10. Tony says:

    Yeah, Dan signed up under me…. I have 4 people that will do it currently, ( I just have to get them to do it) and 3 referrals already.. So I’m one away from a 32gb!!!!

  11. If you only need one more, I could do it if you want (no, I won’t accept pay.. lol) Do you just have to fill out the form they give?

  12. Tony says:

    no, just wait, because 1. you have to have a debit/credit card. 2. I want to make sure the other guys actually do it… 😛

  13. Matt says:

    You have to have a credit card? What for? Is the point-based account hard to do?

  14. Matt says:

    I was reading on the website and it sounds like there’s referral-based accounts and point-based accounts.

  15. Tony says:

    Well, a credit/debit card is required to complete most of the offers, and you definitely will for points. Points is completing many offers that are worth so many points… so basically, you have to get a certain amount of points for each size by completing offers, or you can get referrals. Since it’s only a $2 credit card charge for the eSucces2U, that’s easy enough for most people.

    Let me know if you have More Questions

  16. Ray says:

    I know the free offer works… but there’s something about giving away your information and the information of 5 other friends that unnerves me. Plus the amount of time it takes away to just do it. I’d rather spend the same amount of time to make the $200 to get an iPod. But hey, that’s just me.

  17. Tony says:

    Yeah, but it’s twice that for a 32gb.. that’s kind of why I’m going for that.

  18. I see where you are coming from Tony….If it saves almost $320 or however much, it’s probably worth it.

    @Ray – Same here… But since I already have a brand new iPod – I don’t need a Touch quite yet…. 😛

  19. Matt says:

    So do all of the offer cost money? Also, if you have a referral-based account can you get points from doing offers?

  20. Tony says:

    Well, there are cellphone offers, that “don’t” cost money, but you have to be careful, or they’ll charge you an arm and a leg. The cheapest offers (there are about 5, but they are all from the same company, are the $1.95 offers. When you have a referral based account, you must complete one Level A offer (worth 50 points) or enough level B offers to equal 50 points. I’m not sure how many points you need. But, if you have a referral account, additional offers don’t help you get it, you must get referrals. Does that help?


  21. Matt says:

    Yes that helps. Thanks a lot!

  22. Neato on the blog nomination you two! =D

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