Downloading YouTube Videos

Ok, so lots of people have me download videos for them off of YouTube, and I use a software for Mac, called iTubeX Ultimate.  There are many programs for windows, I’m sure, or certain sites, such as Recently, I was presented with a new challenge, downloading a Flash Video from  Well, I found a Firefox add-on (hooray for Firefox!!!!!) that allows you to download any video from any website that plays them.  It automatically brings up a prompt when a video is played on ANY website.  The Add-on is called SoThink Web Video Downloader, available here.  When you click on your operating system link, you will be given a warning, like this: (click on the image to view it larger)

SoThink - Warning

SoThink - Warning

Click the Allow Button, and then a Firefox Add-on Wizard will appear, like so:

Add-on Install

Add-on Install

Wait the 3 Seconds, then click the Install Now Button.  You will then be presented with the add-ons window, which will download and install the add-on.  After it is complete, restart Firefox to finish the installation.  Once you have done this, you will now have two new options in your Tools menu, and a “Video: 0” in the upper right corner.  (next to the web search)  See the picture:

Tools Menu - New Video Button

Tools Menu - New Video Button

Clicking the Web Video Downloader option will do the same as selecting the Video:0 Button to the right.  (the Video : # will change depending on how many videos you see on webpages)  The SWF (ShockWave Flash) Catcher is used for downloading Flash games, from all the *ahem* sites that enjoy wasting your precious time.  Anyway, when you go to a site, with a Video or Flash Ad, it will bring up the following window:

Once this dialog pops up, you can change the save location, the name of the video and click OK to download.  Otherwise click Cancel to obviously cancel the download.  The one thing that’s annoying though, it keeps those in “Pending”  so click on the little Video: 232 button, and right-click in the empty space, and select clear all urls.  This will bring it back down to 0.  So, that’s it, it’s pretty simple once you get it installed (and that’s simple too)  Hope you enjoyed this.

11 Responses to Downloading YouTube Videos

  1. Cool, cool, cool!! I was wondering about that… (I was getting tired of downloading it to RealPlayer…ahem..)

  2. Ohh Tony, I meant to ask.. I am going to try Firefox out for the next couple days, but what link did you use for FasterFox? I tried to use the one you had on your other blog but it said it was unknown. Any other “add-ons” I should get?

  3. Ray says:

    @ Jessica:

    Fasterfox is somewhat buggy in my experience.
    gives a quick tutorial on speeding up firefox.

    If a variable isn’t available, you can just make one.

    Hope that helps,

  4. Tony says:

    @ Jessica: I would agree with Ray on that, which is why I no longer have it installed. I’ve used the same tutorial that Ray mentioned earlier. Enjoy Firefox! (WebKit is faster, but it’s for Mac only… also no plugins/addons)

  5. Ray and Tony: Thanks for the link! It helped speed it up a ton. I’ll try it out for the next couple days… Yes, Tony – I have heard of WebKit.. in fact, we have a thread going on a forum (Ray is on it as well) about “Favorite Web Browsers.” So far, it has been a good discussion and the main pick is: Firefox but a couple couldn’t decide between that or WebKit. Also, Chrome was in the running (no, it wasn’t all me. :P) and a couple newer ones: Safari (I tried this one…)and Camino (never heard of it). IE was pretty much kicked out for main brower…but, for downloading purposes and such.. Thought you might find that interesting.


  6. Isabella08 says:

    Web browsers..web browsers.. I am going to try Firefox as well.. after Jess convinced me with all the add-ons.

  7. Isabella08 says:

    I think it is really cool. I may start using it.

  8. Wow Izzie (Just kidding..), I am surprised. And all, I have to admit (yes, it takes a lot of humble pie to say it.. :P) Firefox – 1st; Chome – 2nd…

  9. Isabella08 says:

    I am beginning to agree that Firefox is 1st.

  10. Corey Cheney says:

    Yep, for the longest time I was using Internet Explorer (no I am not joking), Then “upgraded” to MSN (which pretty much is as bad as Internet Explorer), but I saw the “light” and have been using Firefox since and it is Awesome!!!!!! By the way, the tutorial worked very well. Firefox is definitely running faster. Thanks Tony and Jeff, this is a great site!

  11. Yes Corey… I was also a IE user and die-hard one as well… And if anyone did say anything bad about it, I was on their case! lol.. Then actually a friend in the mountains used it and it seemed interesting but I wasn’t sure about it… Afterall, I was a IE user!! Well, about 3 months later – Firefox is my favorite and IE is my least after I really started researching it. 😛 Yes, the tutorial worked for me as well… Thanks Tony and Jeff!

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