10 Tools I Use Every Day

Here’s a quick list of tools I use daily (or close enough):

  • Mozilla Firefox – the world’s best internet browser
  • Microsoft Visual Studio
  • The Google “Suite” – gmail, reader, iGoogle, et. al.
  • Adobe Dreamweaver
  • Microsoft Word
  • SQL Server – For those who are clueless on this one, don’t worry about it. If you don’t know about it, you probobly don’t need it. :p
  • Color Pix – Really neat executable that allows you to get the information about any color on your screen
  • Skype
  • Sun Virtual Box – For virtualizing an O.S.
  • Windows Media Player – for…playing media…. I personally prefer this to Itunes (sorry, had to say that to tweak the Apple guys. In reality, I don’t have any preference)

Well, there you have it. I hope you find this useful. If any of my readers have any helpful tools they’d like to reccomend, please share it!

Till next time…

2 Responses to 10 Tools I Use Every Day

  1. Mozilla Firefox, Mozilla Firefox, Mozilla Firefox…..That is what I read a lot… Maybe I should check it out since you all just go on and on about it… 🙂 I use Google “suite” as well along with Word, and Windows Media Player… Have heard a lot about Skype.. but not yet. Another one that I use a lot (for photos) is Picasa3 (beta version is really neat! Someone asked me if it was PhotoShop..lol) and of course Notepad ++.

    Great list Jeff!

  2. Jeff, I thought of another good one to use on Firefox and that is called “Fireshot” They make really neat screenshots and is one of the best programs I have found.

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