Controlling a Computer Remotely

Have you ever wished that you could control someones computer from yours? For example, someone you know has a computer problem and, being the local geek, they call you. You agree to help, and before you know it, you are swapping screen shots and emails like there ain’t no end!

Well, there is a solution, thanks to remote control software. There are many companies that produce this type of software. I use one primarily, so that is what I’ll be talking about today.

The software I use is called TeamViewer. It is available free for non-commercial use (, which is all I use it for as I am primarly (but not exclusively, of course 🙂 ) a programmer, and do most of my work on my local machine.

I have v 3.5.3922. This is not the current version, but it is should work for this brief introduction. However, I will touch on some key points included in the new version (3.6.4889 for Win, 3.6.4564 for Mac)

From what I have done with it, I really like it. It comes in two packages: the Full Version, and the QuickSupport version. There are a couple other packages, but I will not cover them here.

The QuickSupport version is an .exe app that gives you an ID and a password. EDIT FROM TONY: Techinally, exe is a shortened version of executable.  While all Windows applications are executables, QuickSupport is a standalone exe, which means there is no installation.  Also, an “app” is an Application, the Mac version of exe, with different code and structure… Hope that’s clear enough, just wanted you to know that there is a difference between an exe and an app.  Take Care! You share that with the person at the computer that you desire to connect with, and then they connect with their full version of the software. With the QuickSupport version, you cannot connect to another computer, only allow another computer to connect to yours.

The full package is the full one (that was a profound statement). It contains the ability to connect to another computer as well as recieve an incomming connection. You can also set a fixed password, which you may or may not want.

Also included in TeamViewer is a chat feature, which is really nice for communication between computer operators.

Here’s a really cool thing though, in the new version, you can connect from Mac to Windows machines, and vice versa! That is a real help if you are one of those people who have one machine that is on a decent platform, as well as that other one (I let you decide which is which :p ).

Also, I recommend turning off all the control features (look in options) when your not using it (just a safety precaution, its what I do. You never know who has your password…).

Well, what would a post on remote control be without a legal disclaimer (I know, nerdy, but just to be safe):

The contents of the above article is intended for informational purposes only. We do not insure the accuracy, validity, or correctness of the said article. Allow another party, or have the potential for another party to connect to your computer, or other electronic device at your own risk. We (the authors, contributors, administrators, and any other affiliates or dependencies of this blog, article, etc.) do not accept any responsibility for loss of identity, theft (informational or otherwise), damage (of computer hardware, software, or anything else), or even death, or any other damages, or otherwise badness that may arise as a result of using the information contianed in aforementioned article. TeamViewer, its logo, and affiliates are registered trademarks of the owner. All other logos, slogans, or otherwise are trademarks of their respected owners.

Have Fun! And tell me what you think!

P.S. Actually, I’ve always wanted to write a legal disclaimer 🙂

4 Responses to Controlling a Computer Remotely

  1. Neat! Didn’t know you could do that… I’ll check it out. =P lol….The legal disclaimer.. I understand though. 🙂

  2. Ray says:

    I haven’t used Teamviewer, but I have used the RFB Protocal (VNC) to connect to my other macs (works with windows too.)

  3. Tony says:

    Yeah, it’s just Teamviewer is just much easier than VNC.

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