The Beginning of Photoshop Tutorials – Tool Basics

Today, we’ll go over the tools in Photoshop (I’m using CS3, so you may not have some of them, if you have an older version). Next time, we’ll go over the basic idea of editing, precautions, etc.

This is the marquee tool. It can be used for basic selection, selections for vignettes, etc. There are multiple types, as you can see, and there are more types on many tools. This “multiple option for tool” is indicated by the arrow in the bottom right corner. You can access these multiple options by right-clicking.

The Marquee Selection Tool

This is the Selection/Layer Move tool. More about Layer’s in the next section

Move Tool

The Lasso Tool:

The Lasso Tool

The lasso tool is for freehand selection. Polygonal Lasso Tool is self-explanatory, it selects only polygons. The “Magnetic” lasso tool will “stick” to objects. (usually by color/ foreground object, etc)

The Quick Selection/Magic Wand Tool

Quick Select/Magic Wand

The Quick Selection Tool selects the area you “paint” in… it also “sticks” to colors/objects(especially objects” This is nice when you want to take out a foreground object, select everything else, invert selection and cut. (more on this next time) The Magic Wand Tool selects colors… if you want to select a small area, or a large solid color area, to change the color for example, this is the way to go.

Crop Tool (if you don’t know what the crop tool does, I feel very, very sorry for you. 🙂 On the other hand, do a google search on crop.

Slice ToolThe Slice Tool

Obviously, used for slicing.

Spot Healing/Healing/Patch/Red Eye Tool

The Spot Healing Tool

The Spot healing tool can be used to move little black spots, such as dust that might have been on your lens, dirt on the clothes, etc.

The Healing brush is similar, though I haven’t used it much.

The Patch Tool is excellent for patching things, for example, taking a part of jeans, selecting the junk part, and then dragging the selection around until it finds a good blend mode. (this and clone stamp tool will be a nice long tutorial by themselves.

Red eye tool -Duh

Brush Tool

Paintbrush dialog

Your General Brush, pencil, and color replacement tool – No explanation needed, I believe.

Clone Stamp Tool/ Pattern Stamp Tool

Clone Stamp

Clone stamp tool lets you define a source point, then paint from that source point over other things. There will be a nice long tutorial on that one..

Pattern Stamp lets you do the same, but with a pattern… never used this one for anything really.

History Brush Tool

History Brush

The History Brush tool lets you undo, for example, if you clone stamp, or paint over something, instead of undoing the whole thing, you can “history paint” over what you want undone, and it’ll disappear.

Don’t exactly know what the Art History Brush tool is. Sorry.

Eraser Tool

Eraser Tool

Gradient/Paint Bucket Tool

Gradient/Paint Bucket Tool

Your usual dump/paint bucket tool, for making a solid background, or dumping in a selection.

The Gradient tool can be used to make a varied color background, etc. More on this later.

Blur/Sharpen/Smudge Tool

Blur/Smudge/Sharpen tool

The Blur Tool lets you obviously blur things. Sharpen lets you sharpen edges. Be careful when using the sharpen tool. The Smudge tool can be used to smudge, for example, you can (using an option for that tool, we’ll get to that later) smudge just darker pixels when in darken mode. Useful for covering blemishes, etc.

Dodge/Burn/Sponge Tool

Dodge Burn Sponge

This is what you obviously do to Dodge cars, trucks, va… wait. (It does make sense, Dodges..  1. Burn 2. Sponge up all of the mess.)  No,no… this is what I rarely use.  I think it’s fairly self explanatory.

Pen Tool

Pen Tool

This is a pen tool.. can be used for various things, obviously writing, etc.  More on this in a later tutorial.

The Text Tool

The Text Tool

This is the all-purpose tool for adding text to your image.  There are many very nice effects for the text as well.

Path Selection Tool

Path/Direct Selection Tool

Used for selecting a path… more on layers and paths in the 2nd tutorial

Sorry this took so long folks… I may go through the rest of the tools (not as useful) in a later tutorial… However, I’m back in the wordpress-o-sphere!

3 Responses to The Beginning of Photoshop Tutorials – Tool Basics

  1. You are actually back!

    Anyway, nice tutorial and yep, I actually know what “crop” is…. 😛

  2. Isabella08 says:

    Wow… cool features! Nice fun tutorial as well….

  3. Ray says:

    Pen tool is so cool. It can be used to make some great vector art on it, as well as layer masking, cropping, etc…

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