Firefox 3 Released!

Hey folks, you may want to check out the Firefox Website. Mozilla has just released Firefox 3. I got it and I like it.

Just a quick word of caution though; if you have certains addons that you currently use in Firefox 2, they may cease to function in Firefox 3. However, many addons already have updated versions, the Firefox 3 installer/initializer will check for them. The addons menu under “tools” will tell you which ones ceased to function. Also, Firefox 3 will overwrite any earlier versions of Firefox, which usually isn’t a problem.

P. S. From Tony:  I missed the p. s…. however, now that Firefox 3 is Mac Native as well, it’s totally sweet.  A definite recommendation.

6 Responses to Firefox 3 Released!

  1. Rodeo4Christ says:

    I’ll have to try it.. Sorry to say but I am quite confused about the p.s….

  2. Jeff says:

    Sorry, a failed attempt at humor :p I simply meant that he hasn’t had time to post in awhile.

  3. Jack_Bauer says:

    Firefox 3 is really sweet…if people are wondering about the new features of FF3 here is a good website that explains the new features

  4. Jeff says:

    I just noticed another neat feature on Firefox 3. If you click and drag an image on a web page to your desktop (or folder, etc.), it copies and saves the image. Anyway, I just thought that was pretty cool.

  5. Rodeo4Christ says:

    J… I mean Jeff –

    Get it now. Yea, he has been I guess “quiet” for some time…lol


  6. Rodeo4Christ says:

    Actually, to make Tony feel better… Not really. :o) LOL..

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